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Paper Bags

Strong stylish paper bags. Customizable sizes with or without handles. Its suitable for packaging food, snacks, groceries, etc.  


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Paper Pouches

Simple paper pouches. It comes in both white and brown. Great for packaging small items like pastries, pharmaceuticals, sweets and more.


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Food Boxes

Leak proof with fold down flaps to seal the box. Great as a burger box. Left plain for your own branding.


Many companies are going green!

Let's get you the right solution.


Yes, we do. We can print your logo or descriptions on the bags.

Yes. Our paper bags can be used to package shirts, fruits, and vegetables. We do customized bags as well. If you have a particular design of bag in mind, contact us.

We use public transports and other courier services to make deliveries to any part of Ghana.

 How do I make pament?

We accept mobile money and direct bank transfers.

Mobile Money Number: 0245055899 (Use your order number as reference)

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